You are loved!♡

We all in our lives have come across many stories about people getting bullied and some of us have even seen it in front of us. Some people are the bullies themselves and some just pass through ignoring the act. Bullying has become such a common act in every school and institution. People do not realise how big of an issue it has become. Children think that it an act of fun and feel superior when they bully other children. They do not know how a victim feels or is going through at that particular phase due to which some people even take their own lives. I do not want to be negative in any way but I just want to put out the truth and the truth is that people still need to know how bullying and it’s other forms hurt people. How major of an impact it makes on people’s lives. I myself have been a victim of bullying. I just want all the victims to know that you are not alone. Please let your parents know about the sufferings you go through. Trust me they are the ones who care about you the most and will stand by you no matter what. And if due to some reasons you cannot tell your parents, please just let somebody know. Your teacher or your friends. I just want to spread this word to as many people as possible and you should too. Let’s together make this world a better place to live and spread peace and love rather than hate.